The Fourth Tower of Inverness on Radio InfoWeb

Now for something completely different! As you may know, I am also a radio personality on Radio InfoWeb. That Internet Radio station will be airing The Fourth Tower of Inverness “adventure serial” as it was originally broadcast about 40 years ago. The broadcast will be in its original form: 14 weeks of 10 minute daily episodes, Monday through Friday. The Fourth Tower begins December 5th, 2012. Radio InfoWeb plans to run each episode every few hours throughout the day, so it will be easy to catch. Speaking of catching, catch-up blocks of episodes will run on weekends, and possibly at other times. I highly recommend it, so be sure to tune in!

I was working at a college FM radio station when I first heard of The Fourth Tower of Inverness. That was something like 1971 or 1972. I was wowed by the mix of Eastern Philosphy, Spirituality, Metaphysics, adventure, and fantasy that was all wrapped together in this series.

To find out more, visit the Radio InfoWeb website at

You can listen in on any computer, Android or iOS smartphone (so that includes iPhones and iPads) that supports MP3 audio streaming. There are many links and different ways to listen in. The details are on the website.

There is also an iPhone/iPad app that will let you easily tune into Radio InfoWeb, and it’s free! Get it from iTunes here:

Whew, it’s over.

Hard to believe it’s been nearly a week. The O’Romnabomney has been re-elected, and we can settle back into the status-quo of a run-amok government that no longer represents the interests of the people, but rather preys on them for power, money, and information.

What a wonderful place to be! Not.

Don’t mind all those Government probes creeping up between your cheeks.

As soon as I’ve recovered from my intense disgust with the campaign season, I’ll be back at writing. One new blog post that’s just awaiting some additional research is a follow-up to my blog on Colorado police requesting citizens to turn over their shredded paper so “it can be disposed of securely”. It turns out there’s a German company that’s automated the process of reassembling your shreds. Could these two items be related? We think so and will provide some of the facts. Stay tuned!