Doubt Googlemegalomania?

Do you doubt Google is trying to monopolize present reality? You shouldn’t! “Google Offers” is just another step down the path… after Groupon refused to become Google-ized.

If you had any doubt… perhaps the acquisition of “Moto Mobile” clarified the picture. Google wasn’t content to have Android be the most widespread mobile operating system… they needed to build the phones that run it too. No? Not enough proof?

Then how about the thing that popped up on my screen today:

You can tell I don’t get out much. I totally missed the article in the NY Times on “Google Offers”. I read the New York Times whenever I get a chance (that’s only occasionally). Nor did I see any of the quadzillions of other mentions. I just noticed it today because I’m on vacation and got a few free moments to surf. You  must understand, I have a life.

Instead of the well-known phrase “me-too”, we now need “Goog-too”, a symptom of Goog-tooism. Sigh. It seems to happen to nearly every organization that gets, well, huge. They become paranoid of anything that comes within their self-determined “kill zone”. In Google’s case, everything (hence, “Google Everything“).

Groupon has become quite the target. Nearly every media organization known to man or other sentient species strewn throughout the Galaxy has jumped on this band-wagon (or “trade vessel” in the inter-stellar case). Groupon clones have sprouted everywhere sprouting is possible. I found a new venture this morning exploiting a crack in the grouting around the toilet where I’m staying. Another was launched by the pet hamster of an 11 year old boy in Anaheim, CA last week (Hamster-Dealz). The hamster held a press conference and got plenty of start-up seed capital. So why not Goog-too? There’s an obvious answer to that, but it’s not one a large, increasingly megalomaniacal and paranoid corporation would ever consider.

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  • Benny Allamon

    You…are…my…hero!!! I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

  • Joe Gotzamus

    You have remarked very interesting details! ps decent website.

    • Abdo

      This is not to say GOOG is going down the drain, or a bad company. It’s clearly the healthiest, best, most important Internet company right now. But it does seem to confirm my earlier suspicions they were worried about their growth, and that it wasn’t strong enough to meet the market’s incredible expectations given the share price.

  • Lead Encrusted Brain

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    Rex replies: “I think I’ll pass”

  • Kaminbau Ringel

    As soon as I read this I went on reddit to share some of the love with them. I hope you help people wake up.

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    • Jojo

      I agree that it is the lesser of the three evils, redmnis me an analogy from “some book” which regards politicians as one beast with multiple heads. Google’s (GOOG) market cap should allow them to fix many problems bigger more important than just this one. Search is what got them here, and it looks like they already forgot that.

  • Michele

    This blog is cool! You are obviously a true American patriot, and thus a threat to National Security.