Malicious Blog Comment Spam

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of effort that is put into spamming, when the results are so statistically low. Every day we get hundreds of poorly crafted comments to this blog posted by bots in the hopes of having a web link appear. It’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) spam that’s done in hopes of raising ranking on Google and the like. Google, for the most part, ignores this stuff, so the people doing it are a pretty ignorant lot. As are most spammers. After all, if they had some brains, they’d be making more money with less work, and not defecating where they live.

Today we found a much darker form of comment spam. It is malicious. It is a list of obscene words, links to child pornography sites, and the like that would trash the Google and other online reputations if it appeared on the site.

That’s the price of publishing a blog. If you want to maintain any kind of reputation, you have to manually moderate all comments. You can’t simply block IPs because there are zillions of spammers, and not all in the third world. We have logged hundreds in Los Angeles, for example. And so, spammers create jobs for comment moderators. There’s a duality operative here. For each badness of the spammers, a relative goodness manifests to counter it. Cat and mouse. Good cop, bad cop. White hat, black hat. Oh the wonder of the human race! Makes you wonder…


  • Bibiana

    I’m glad we have your blog as a help. I know that as I am a spammer, this comment may seem incomprehensible. However, underestimating my intelligence or coherence of thought might be difficult.

  • Cassandra Spamowicz

    so great, i like it. [URL deleted]

    [edited to conform with our comment policy]

    • Erly

      Yes I was just making a point not against the edible kind of spam but don’t you just hate having your site flooded with unsolicited junk comments?? Glad I stopped by! Love your blog too!

  • Clareana

    what about sending a notification for the readers when you update the website?

    Rex replies: “Great news, Clareana. There’s something called RSS that does this, and it’s built into your web browser. Check it out. PS your spammy domain name is funny, but I deleted it so your comment would comply with our policy.”

  • Arani

    I write a blog about useless products for sale through affiliate programs. I’m trying to drive traffic to my site by taking people’s children hostage, and torturing them by forcing them to read my blog.

    Anyway, I get a lot of spam like you describe. One of my fiends said it’s Karma, but I don’t know what that is. They don’t teach it in spammer school.

  • Expedita

    this was very interesting. [spam link removed]

    • Ferard

      When i first saw your picture i was shocked because I love spam! lol but yes I totally agree with you about spam (the non edible one) are really annoying! take care. Time to go get my monkey shocked.

  • Carla

    this is a really good read for me. must agree that you are one of the coolest blogger i ever saw. thanks for posting this useful information. [this was posted by a spammer of the other type: appealing to the blogger’s ego just to get a URL included so as to increase the Google ranking for the URL — the spam URL has, of course, been removed]

    • Krista

      Math captchas are probably the most effective to combat spam. A lot of spam programs today are so intelligent, they can figure out any captcha program you have installed. The Match captchas however are yet to be broken.