Zimmerman Verdict

With all the concern about reactions, protests, or even violence in the wake of the Zimmerman trial, my own worry is that the average American no longer comprehends the justice system, or how it works (on those occasions when it works like it’s supposed to). Had Zimmerman been found guilty, he would most certainly have appealed after a cooling-off process. In today’s politically driven prosecution system, he may well be tried again. Until our often unfair and corrupt government and judicial system are overturned, possibly with bloodshed in the process, there is one other alternative: register, and vote. Get the laws and the process changed, if that’s the desire. There seems to be no taste for the larger scale corrective action, so protesters would be well advised to channel their energy into registering and voting. If they can get that together. Sometimes I really wonder.

Here’s a DayPage segment I hosted today for Radio InfoWeb that presents, unedited, the two 911 calls that led up to this:

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