Obama vs. Truth – on NSA

The following comes from this morning’s DayPage at http://daypage.net/wordpress/2013/08/08/nsa-documents-vs-obama-on-leno-show/

I was watching Amy Goodman deliver Democracy Now! live this morning. There was a remarkable contrast bordering on cognitive dissonance. First we had images of the actual NSA documents depicting how the NSA searches everything: email, chats, texts, phone calls, website accesses… for the mentions of names of “people of interest” [in ‘terrorist’ investigations ?!]. Then, cut to President Obama, on Jay Leno’s show, in which he is denying. Deny, deny, deny, deny. “[sic] Oh no, we don’t do this, everything is good, all this stuff was put into place by George Bush before I got here, but I’ve reviewed it, and it’s really OK, we put in some safeguards…” … and it’s like, what is he talking about?

Watch the incredible artistry of bull…

See also Amy Goodman’s Headlines (video, then link to text transcript below)… Democracy Now! can be heard weekdays at 2pm New York Time on Radio InfoWeb‘s main audio stream.

During his appearance on “The Tonight Show” Obama also responded to the growing controversy over the wide-ranging National Security Agency surveillance programs that Edward Snowden has revealed.

President Obama: “A lot of these programs were put in place before I came in. I had some skepticism, and I think there’s — we should have a healthy skepticism about what government is doing. I had the programs reviewed. We put in some additional safeguards to make sure that there’s federal court oversight, as well as congressional oversight, that there is no spying on Americans. You know, we don’t have a domestic spying program. What we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an email address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat.”

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