US/NSA to Barrett Brown: We’re Throwing Away Your Key

Barrett Brown is the next visible victim of the Obama administration’s reign of terror after Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning. Nobel Peace Price not withstanding, if the President is loooking for terrorists, he need go no further than the nearest mirror.

As a followup to our story about Barrett Brown (Journalism Criminalized), we’re sorry to say the Administration has moved to bind, gag, and bury Barrett Brown alive without due process. All in the name of the War on Citizens (actually, the War on Citizens) and protecting the country from terrorists (like President Obama), at which it is an abject failure.

“A federal judge has imposed a sweeping gag order on Barrett Brown, a journalist covering online surveillance who has spent nearly a year behind bars. Brown faces 17 charges ranging from threatening an FBI agent to credit card fraud for posting a link online to a document that contained stolen credit card data. Supporters say he is being unfairly targeted for investigating the highly secretive world of private intelligence and military contractors. On Wednesday, a federal court granted prosecutors’ request to prevent Brown and his attorneys from discussing his case with the media. The order forbids “any statement to members of any television, radio, newspaper, magazine, internet (including, but not limited to, bloggers), or other media organization about this case, other than matters of public interest.” Brown faces up to 100 years behind bars.”

– Democracy Now!