Retard Nation

First, an apology for the title. It should be “Imbecile Nation”, however, it seems too many people are unacquainted with the meaning of the word imbecile.

This post is about my visceral reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict.

I am appalled by the public reaction. I recognize that second-guessing jury verdicts is a popular pastime for the unemployed and people with too much time on their hands. I say this because there is a hint of lack of respect understanding of the judicial process. I worry that if there is no respect for the judicial process, however wrong or misguided it may be at times, or however activist the judge, or however unconstitutional the ruling, there will be no hope of justice ever.

And then, there is the reaction of politicians. I urge the rabble to exercise caution: be careful of what you ask for: you might get it. The proposed “Casey’s Law”. It seems that the brains of our politicians are so addled by drugs, lust, corruption, greed, and junk-food, that they…

Well, perhaps I just need a vacation… some place like where Casey Anthony should go to avoid being lynched to death by a crazed and angry mob. Of imbeciles.

[And oh, those ranting Facebook videos…]