Terrorist: Fail Word

From the series: “Will 2012 be a fail year?”

Languages that are living (compared to, say, Latin) are ever changing and evolving. Let’s get real, folks. The meaning of “terrorist” has changed. By now anyone with a nominally functioning brain knows that the new definition of the word is “someone we don’t like or is a threat to the status quo” when used by governments or forces of the status quo. [The pun of the use of Latin here is both intended, and meant to appeal to those with nominally functioning brains]

When Bashir El Assad calls the Syrian people “terrorists” only a fool doesn’t recognize that the meaning of the word is the same as when it is used in connection with the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).

Fasten your seat-belts, if 2012 isn’t fail it wil, in the words of chaos monger Newt Gingrich, be “wild and woolly”.

Occupy Boulder Fail?

Will 2012 be a fail year?

I traveled to the People’s Republic of Boulder, as neighboring Coloradans call it: 10 square miles surrounded by reality. The purpose of my visit was to check in on Occupy Boulder; Boulder City had changed the law to prohibit occupying park space overnight, thus making the Occupy Boulder encampment illegal.

Boulderites, being very politically correct, obeyed the new law immediately, saying (as reported in The Denver Post) that they would focus their efforts during daytime. Only one person was arrested as the encampment picked up and dispersed. However, the Boulder courts are clogged with previous Occupy Boulder arrests, as the crimes involved mandate jury trials under local law. Efforts to change the legal proceedings to alleviate pressure on the local courts have been criticized as being anti-homeless. Which they are. Surprise, surprise.

Streaming live video on Global Revolution, I combed the area looking for evidence of Occupy Boulder. I was threatened by a dealer posing as a Colorado University student, talked with a homeless person denied any knowledge of anything, and obtained a confession from a groundskeeper said the last he’d seen of them was when they moved out the encampment.

The intersection of Broadway and Canyon adjacent the Municipal Building had a beggar with a cardboard sign on each corner. These people are professionals, and I’d given them a wide berth. They don’t take kindly to encroachment of any kind on their territory; when encroachment occurs, violence ensues. The most effective sign these people have wielded is by far the one reading “Need money for beer and prostitutes” (if measured by resultant income). On this occasion, however, one individual was holding a sign that said: “Greed Is Not An Option” with “99%” written in extremely small characters. I asked this one if he had seen any “Occupy Boulder” protesters. He answered “I AM the Occupy Boulder Protestor”.

Please view my interview with him:  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/19868453

Also at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4HFnerfFaI

NH Vote Count Fail

Will 2012 be a fail year?

In the “they should have left well enough alone department”, the Republicans decided to re-count the Iowa caucuses results. They didn’t let the disappearance of many of the voting records get in the way of trying to change the outcome to their liking.

Watching the Republicans try to come up with a candidate is more fun than watching a barrel of monkeys. Hey, wait a minute! It IS watching a barrel of monkeys.

I suppose I should be more forgiving. After all, ballot box stuffing is an ancient tradition. So is rewriting history.

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” must have been apocryphal. Some species must be willing to step up the plate and relieve this planet of its’ infestation by the pathetic humans.

History Repeats Itself – Again

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. It’s been one of those years, a fail year. I hope you had a great holiday… I know I did. Time to get back to work here at the LatchfordFactor.com. 2011 was a FAIL YEAR… and I’ll be wrapping (and rapping) that up over the next couple of days.

Meantime, you may enjoy my comment on NY Times coverage of Ron Paul’s campaign:

Could Age Be An Issue For Ron Paul?

– Rex

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Protest History Repeats: American Spring 60’s Style

As I write this, I’m watching it play out on live TV, and the same is happening across the country. It’s a marvelous awaking, but following a tried-and true plot:

Peaceful protesters gather at the local capitol building. They refuse to move. The politicians and/or police allow it for a while, but then feel that it makes them look bad. They try to break it up, first trying to bully the crowd through bull horns. It doesn’t work. Next, they make threats. The people refuse to move. Finally, the police move in, make mass arrests, and cart as many people off to jail as they feel comfortable with “processing”.

People see this on TV, and it makes them even more angry. More and more people join the movement. More show up to protest, taking time away from their home, family, business, or job. The government, wanting to stop the movement, cracks down, and there are more arrests, and more live TV coverage, which goes wall-to-wall.

This is history repeating itself. It’s the same formula as the 1960’s anti-Vietnam war protests, and the civil rights protests of that era. The current crop of politicians, ignorant of the role of government, and the role of people in a democracy as they are, have not learned from history, and now they are doomed to repeat it. They’ve foolishly allowed their ego and greed to trap them, and now they will get what they deserve, just like the corrupt and power-mad dictators in the Middle East are.

I wonder what has been going through the minds of these leaders as they’ve watched the Arab Spring unfold, which should have been as clear a warning as they could possibly have received: there was little time for them to repent and reform their bad attitudes and behavior. But now, that brief moment is past, and the cows are coming home, literally.

We are seeing people-power in action. It is an unstoppable force, as surely as a herd of cows or a flock of sheep. Nothing can stop it. Not throngs of police officers in riot gear armed with tear gas and rubber bullets, not helicopters armed with heavy weapons. Not huge prisons the government has secretly built in remote areas to deal with just such an “emergency”. The people, once mobilized, will prevail.

We are still in the early stages of this movement. However, it is easy to predict that the movement will continue to swell. As long as the protests are met with violence and punitive resistance by the government, the protesters will only be emboldened because their point is simply being underscored unwittingly by the government.

The poor, ignorant fools in power don’t see how closely they resemble the pigs in Orwell’s Animal Farm. The outcome for them will likely be just as foreshadowed in that book. If you haven’t read it, and want to get the picture of what’s happening, be sure to read it now. Or, if you’re not a reader, watch the animated film.

It is truly an irony that Martin Luther King has only recently been memorialized so close to the temples and monuments to the founding forefathers in Washington DC. Mr. King, more than Facebook and Twitter, is the true enabler of this global movement. He, and those who stand on his shoulders, made it crystal clear that people power is the most awesome force on this planet, and that no amount of violence and repression can prevail against it.

Now, many years after Mr. King’s assassination, his ideas have fully come to fruition on a global scale. It is impressive to see it unfold. Are we seeing what all the predictions concerning 2012 were about in this? Could it be that the cataclysm of 2012 is about mankind confronting itself?

Meanwhile, back on the television set nearby, the police have been loading protestors onto paddy wagons, processing them, and hauling them off to already crowded jails. It’s a muted form of violence, to be sure. But the unrepentant behavior of the corrupted government reminds me of the (paraphrased) words attributed to Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, and P.T. Barnum alike: “You can fool all of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”. The people, collectively, if not individually, are not fooled by government.

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Obama on Libyian Liberation: Huh???


(Rex Latchford is on vacation at Undisclosed Location, Tropical Island)
I awoke to the news of the Liberation of Tripoli. I was pleased for the rebels, many of whom seemed to be barefoot at the time, at least in the video clips I’ve been seeing. I felt a wave of relief. I’d been listening to the live coverage on BBC World Service which seemed to be a full 12 hours ahead of the American news media. They’d had it that Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi had been captured, but this morning it seemed he’d eluded capture.
Then came comment from the Obama administration. “We hope Gadaffi (Khadaffy, or whichever of the dozens of spellings you prefer) realizes it’s time to leave power” he said, in essence. Time to go? “Old Camel Breath” had undoubtedly mounted a camel and begun to fade into the desert a half day before Obama made the utterance. If this is how far behind the 8 Ball Obama is, we are in deep trouble.
Unable to wrap my mind around how out of touch the administration seemed to be, I was instead transported to the Libyan desert, the silhouette of “Old Camel Face” on camel back in his rock-star sunglasses, fading into the shimmering air.
I’ll miss that guy. He’s been entertaining me since I first became aware of current events. Without doubt, no other world leader has been as mischievous or full of shit. Let’s all raise a toast to Old Camel Breath… he’s done, but perhaps not finished. Moammar, I’ll miss hearing about your global pranks. Enjoy your time in hell.

Why We Can’t Trust the Government With Our Secrets

Logo of the Information Awareness Office, an a...

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The title of this blog is the problem with the government’s widespread snooping on citizens. The government says it hasn’t implemented the Total Information Awareness Program… but there is plenty of evidence that it has. And that means that everything on the Internet, and all phone calls, are being recorded and archived by the government for data mining. That means anything said during a voice call or done on the Internet could come back to haunt you at any time in the future. And let’s be serious – we’re not just talking crime here. You have to know it will be used for political purposes (e.g. to control citizens).

I want to keep this post focused. So we’ll keep it simple:

Can we trust the U.S. government to keep all the information it amasses about us secret?

According to the government, we can’t.

This sad, but hardly astonishing fact was underscored yesterday in the publication of a memo from Donald Rumsfeld in 2005 while he was Secretary of Defense under President Bush:


Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld Image via Wikipedia


November 02, 2005
FROM: Donald Rumsfeld
SUBJECT: U.S. Government Incapable of Keeping a Secret

The United States Government is incapable of keeping a secret.

If one accepts that, and I do, that means that the U.S. Government will have to craft
policies that reflect that reality.



The actual memo is here.

… that’s short, sweet, and to the point. But if we accept Rumsfeld’s view, then we are in grave danger, and we must consider that any shred of privacy we may have once had, say, a decade ago… is now long gone.

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Retard Nation

First, an apology for the title. It should be “Imbecile Nation”, however, it seems too many people are unacquainted with the meaning of the word imbecile.

This post is about my visceral reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict.

I am appalled by the public reaction. I recognize that second-guessing jury verdicts is a popular pastime for the unemployed and people with too much time on their hands. I say this because there is a hint of lack of respect understanding of the judicial process. I worry that if there is no respect for the judicial process, however wrong or misguided it may be at times, or however activist the judge, or however unconstitutional the ruling, there will be no hope of justice ever.

And then, there is the reaction of politicians. I urge the rabble to exercise caution: be careful of what you ask for: you might get it. The proposed “Casey’s Law”. It seems that the brains of our politicians are so addled by drugs, lust, corruption, greed, and junk-food, that they…

Well, perhaps I just need a vacation… some place like where Casey Anthony should go to avoid being lynched to death by a crazed and angry mob. Of imbeciles.

[And oh, those ranting Facebook videos…]

Still Here, No Rapture

It’s now 45 minutes after the time scheduled for the start of “the rapture” by Family Radio.

I’m still here, in the New York City area, and there’s no sign of the rapture.

Perhaps it’s just arriving late.

Not that I think “the rapture” would be a bad thing. It’s just that it’s not happening right now.

Keeping ’em honest.

– Rex

Communication and the Gender War

You’ve probably heard – from your girlfriend – or you’ve told your boyfriend – that women are great communicators, and that men are lousy listeners. But you’ve probably never heard it from a woman quite as honestly as you will here…

A Blind Spot in the Gender Debate

Guest correspondent: Lori Gottlieb (NPR)

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